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Does ClickBank Really Work?

Everyone is rushing to clickbank hoping to become the next internet millionaire. What they do not know is that there is more involved than just grabbing a clickbank affiliate link and posting it all over the internet hoping to make a few sales. So why it is then so many individuals fail when it comes to marketing clickbank products? And what do clickbank newbie's need to know in order to succeed when it comes to starting an internet business?

The problem with clickbank is that the costs of the products are too low from an affiliate marketer's standpoint. To generate $100 per day, an affiliate would have to make anywhere from 2 to 5 sales per day. This is easy done if an individual has a handle on internet marketing, but when it comes to the novice, making 2 to 5 clickbank sales per day presents a challenge. 

Secondly it takes the same amount of time, marketing and energy to sell a $50 item as it would selling a $1,000 item when it comes to internet marketing. Selling higher ticket items online allows marketers to keep up with the cost of Google adwords and yahoo overture. If a marketer is spending $50 per day in Google adwords to make 2 $50 sales, yet at the same time can spend $50 per day in Google to make 1 $1,000 sale it's a no brainier to market the higher ticket items. 

In order to succeed with a clickbank product I do not recommend using the generic affiliate link they give you. You will need to use a landing page where you can first capture the prospects e-mail sending the prospect more information on that specific clickbank item. It's a known fact in online marketing that people will not buy your product the first time they see an opportunity. You will first need to build a relationship with your prospects either through an e-mail series or newsletter. Doing this helps establish credibility and makes you an authority in your niche area. Only when you have informed your prospects about a particular product and have gained their trust, will they buy from you. Setting up a lead capture page and a autoresponder series is your best bet to build trust in your prospects.

After having tried to sell various clickbank items myself, I've decided to lean towards higher ticket items simply because it only makes sense. Competition in Google is so fierce these days; you need to stay on top with high commission products so that you can afford your advertising budget. For the affiliate marketer, working smarter and not harder is the key to success.

Be careful when searching for the right products to market online. The bottom line is when starting a home based business; you are going to have to sell something. Some systems will do all the selling for you and others will not. Make sure you have done your due diligence and that there is real value in what you are selling online.